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Simply put, we're committed and passionate about the Outdoor Recreational Lifestyle!

From the waves to the trails to the mountain summits we believe Life Is Too Short To Stay Inside and that God created inside each of us an unending curiosity and desire to explore our boundless earth and be good stewards of His creation.  We find great satisfaction in challenging and pushing ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to a point where we truly have experienced and continually find our OUTERPEAK. 

We are an active outdoor lifestyle brand dedicated to developing apparel and gear that will maximize enjoyment to those with the same outdoor passions and help people discover their own OUTERPEAK.  

In addition to living as good stewards of the environment, we also believe in the mission to help starving children who are hungry in body and spirit and have dedicated a portion of our earnings on a regular basis to this cause.

Join us in our passions to enjoy all things outdoor and our mission to care for the earth and help feed the hungry. We firmly believe it’s at this intersection, you can truly discover your OUTERPEAK!

Share your own adventures with us, and along the way experience a greater level of fun, enjoyment, satisfaction and accomplishment with OUTERPEAK apparel and gear!

Remember - Life’s Too Short To Stay Inside!

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